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    Regarding "Soft cusions" and "... now have a roho ... need something that won't pop holes ..."

    Cushions that exhibit valved-air structures (for example: most Roho wheelchair cushions, the Star wheelchair cushions, etc.) are among the softest types of cushions. Non-valved air type cushions (for example: the Vicair Adjuster wheelchair cushion, the Vicair Vector wheelchair cushion, etc.) are also among the softest types of cushions, yet do not exhibit a catastrophic failure mode in the event of a puncture.

    If you like the valved-air structure of your Roho, but prefer to avoid the associated catastrophic failure mode in the event of a puncture, then the Star Stabil-Air wheelchair cushion would be a suitable candidate.

    Please note; however, that all primary cushion structures employing air and gel (or non-newtonian fluids) exhibit varying degrees of weakness when subjected to punctures. The cushion structures immune to punctures are; presently, also the more firm cushions (for example: the Stimulite Smart wheelchair cushion and other honeycomb cushions, foam-only cushions, etc.).