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First Ultralight, New HPCS coding, where to start? Holy Chair Graveyard Batman!

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    Originally posted by rlmtrhmiles View Post
    P I N K ! ! ! Hey now. I am an old fart male. 50+ I do sit in a silver TR3. But I did break leg last year and ended up in hospital an surgery. Anyhow, TR was paid for out of pocket. I did have an old Quickie. Was far out of date limitation for new chair paid by insurance. I decided if I need be in wheelchair, then I am going to make sure people know it is me. New chair frame is P I N K ! ! ! Just wish footplate was pink also.
    I love it!!! I'm in my mid thirties and known for blinging out my gear. My Walk Easy's have a cover space dyed that says "Impossible Girl" blinged out it's a Dr. Who thing, I'm a Geek. When I received my SideStix the first thing my friends commented on was they were missing my signature rhinestones. What they didn't realize was, for the first time the bling wasn't a magic trick meant to distract from the scratches and boo boos. Carbon Fiber is it's own bling.