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I need a lighter EZ Lock alternative

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    Originally posted by s2sgacia View Post
    here's a photo of what the 12lbs bracket looks like off a chair.

    In addition to not being hardware for someone to drive (its passenger only hardware) i'd be surprised if it weighted more than 8lbs

    As i recall the last let up similar to that weighted in at 6-7lbs.

    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA


      The only difference with driver hardware is a horizontal plate with the dovetail the bolts onto the front of the bracket and interlocks with the vertical dovetail mounted in the vehicle. Automotive Innovations, can you recommend a later solution? The point being is even if it's not 12 pounds exactly the bracket still is very heavy. I'm looking for a later, but still strong, alternative. That is, without having to buy any chair. At least not for now…


        Originally posted by Automotive Innovations View Post
        12lbs sounds awful heavy for manual wheelchair hardware.

        Do you have any pictures of the Ez-Lock bracket on your manual wheelchair?

        I am too stupid and impatient to figure out how to post a pic here but you can believe me when I tell you my EZ Lock component weighs 12lbs. I had a guy at Ride Away weigh in front of me (unless their scale was inaccurate) it before they slapped it on my chair. It looks just like the pic posted by s2sgacia.