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    I will send information to Supracor via email. I cannot hear so calling not work for me. I do have multiple of the Sport. I only do the rotating though when I am cleaning them. By this time1 of them is practically "used up." I only keep a 2nd in case I have some kind of emergency where primary is messed up and must be cleaned and still need to sit on a cushion while primary dries from cleaning. At east these things dry fairly quick. I do not put them in dryer - air dried.


      Interesting point Lin, I am going to test a Vicair as I like the idea of comfort without having to worry about to much maintenance. I am not sure about the transfer issue as well as the reason I like the foam as it gives you something to lift off and provides that little bit of extra height. I see that Vicair do offer a cushion with foam at the front but do not know how well this would pressure map


        I've been away for a while, catching up. I prefer my vicair to my stimulite comfort wise, but I was supposed to get a pediatric stimulite which is a bit softer and they screwed up. Maybe when I get my pediatric one (ended up with slimline xs) I'll like it better. I have full sensation.
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