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2012 vmi odyssey issue

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  • 2012 vmi odyssey issue

    I upgrade my accessible van annually and after owning 10 or more Sienna Braun's, I now drive a 2012 VMI Honda. It had 6,000 miles when I bought it in September and it now has 14,000 miles. On occasion the door, ramp and kneel just will not work. It usually happens after a short drive and none of the buttons work to open the door and deploy the ramp. The system beeps when the open buttons are pressed. Usually my son resets the main control in the back of the van. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Do i need to 'wake up' the system somehow? I bought it privately so never had a dealer intro to VMI.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Thats weird.

    Where do you live?

    Is it a Northstar or Summit?

    When it doesn't work take a picture of the lights on the controller both with and without a control switch being pushed.

    Find a local VMI dealer they will be able to help.

    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA


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      I'm in Western Canada and it's a Northstar.


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        I've had the same problem many times, I use the sure deploy to get out and that apparently resets or re-times the system. If I am outside and it acts up, I will manually open the door the hit the open button located inside beside the door and get out of the way of the ramp! That almost always works. If not I use the key fob to close the door then try to reopen, which usually works. If not I have to ask someone to use the sure deploy for me. Good luck!