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  • Roho cushion question

    So, I was just wondering, if you have to order a Roho cushion and pay for it out of pocket, is it better to order the exact dimensions as your seat or do you order it a little bigger? Also, if you are ordering it without actually going through a seating eval, what is the best brand for a para who has a very small amount of sensation on the rear end?

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    My Roho's are pretty close to the size of the seat. i use the 16.75 x 16.75 and it fits without any room on my chair pan. I use a high profile for everyday wheelchair use. My bottom bones are close to the skin and the high profile works great. No issues in seven years. I use a low profile for driving and it works great in the car. Too bad you can't demo some cushions by Roho. You should have a local rep. somewhere who might be able to help you. Best of luck.


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      I use one the size of my seat pan as well. If you use a local dealer ask about pressure mapping. Also, ask for a discount since you'll be saving them the paperwork expense of insurance claims.

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        You should try before you buy.
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