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Bearing spacing questions

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    Bearing spacing questions

    I'm currently using Golz Twin-Star Exchanges (540) on my ZR2. I haven't been that happy with how these wheels have held up and I am looking to replace them. I'm leaning towards Topolino's WX2.5s.

    Since the Twin-Star has a 1.969" bearing spacing, will I be able to use the same axles with Topolino's 1.9" spacing? Is the 1.9" spacing even an option for a ZR2 with 2deg camber + no spacers?

    Does the bearing spacing have any impact on performance, or is it just a matter of how closely you can mount the wheel to the frame?

    Thanks for your help!

    Measure how much freeplay you have left to for adjustment in your axles. Can you turn the big nut down to reduce the effective length 0.069"? I don't know what 2 deg camper would have to do with it, but sometimes I miss understand on first reading. What specifically is going south with these wheels?
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