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    Originally posted by pfcs49 View Post
    what kind of car do you have in mind? Road course?
    Hi Phil, he came over and checked out my Rx3 with the AutoClutch in it.
    5Zigen also made a hydraulic automatic clutch which I did not know...


      I still have my TC systems Clutchmate for sale if anyone is interested?
      P.M. me
      Cheers and Happy New year


        It's been a few years and not much has changed in the automatic clutch market.
        I found this manufacturer who is in Czech Republic.


          Very interesting site! They seem to really know what crips need to drive, i.e.: shoulder harness and arm rests. (despite the deep bolsters in my GTI, extreme left handers almost catapult me to the passengers side! I like the flip down transfer aids and sent a query to them.
          The clutch servo they have may let you drive sedately with MT, but the VW autostick vacuum system IMO is better implementation and much quicker action under throttle.

          PS: Skip, I looked at your info. We got hurt a couple months apart back in 95. I've gone down a new rabbit hole: modifying electric scooters to turn a WC into a 20mph tricycle!

          I just started on a 36mph 1KW w/pneumatic 11" tire to see if I can become quadriplegic!

          How did you make out with your clutch project?
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          69yo male T12 complete since 1995
          NW NJ


            PHIL! That electric scooter is badass! Don't become a quad, my man!
            I'm still out here messing around with clutch cars. The Korean Auto Clutch works ok on my RX3. At least I can drive it.
            I'm now looking to put something on a Europa I'm building. After that I'm moving to a motorcycle powered car.


              Click image for larger version  Name:	photo.JPG Views:	0 Size:	113.3 KB ID:	2913433
              I sold my Lotus to Jeff (Land Motor Museum) as well as my TR8, 67 Sprite, and 60 Bugeye.
              After I was hurt, I looked at how impossible a hand control setup would be in the Super Seven, especially with narrow cockpit/RHD, and I surrendered!
              In hindsight, I wish I kept the TR8. A setup like on the 5spd GTI I raced would be relatively easy to implement. I did a Miata which has a hydraulic clutch, using a converted brake booster to operate a clutch master in place of a brake master, and modifying the vacuum setup so it was a straight servo deal. Worked OK using the VW automatic stick shift vacuum control device.

              What Europa and which drivetrain? And, how the hell do you transfer??
              69yo male T12 complete since 1995
              NW NJ


                That is a really beautiful Lotus 7. I want to build a Locost with motorcycle power.
                My car is a 1969 Europa. It has Renault power. Transfers are hard and I won't be able to do them forever. But I don't intend to keep this car very long. It has no side protection at all and feels very dangerous.


                  Boy! I can relate. You can't back it up, either! (your rear vision is just blocked. I used to get a spotter to back one out of my old shop). As I remember, the Renault cars were faster than the anemic twin cam setup as well as a good fit lighter. Before they went bankrupt and I ended up buying the place in 77, a dealer down the street went through CitroenMaserati, TVR, and Lotus, hanging up his spurs in 74? and last gasp opening a BapGeon store before the bank foreclosed and sold it to me. So, I got to service a lot of Europas for a while, mostly the JPS twitcam cars. Did you know, you have to remove the motor to replace the POS Lucas fuel sender? (it may be Smiths)
                  Jeff Lane, the owner of Lane Motor Museum, has 4 Sevens! One is IRS w/superbike power. If you ever get to Nashville, leave yourself a day to spend there. His collection is incredible, many of which I never knew of or imagined! Strongly European and last century. Go exploring on his site and see what he has..
                  My stuff is quite pedestrian by his standards.

                  I know Jeff because we both raced F Production Sprites, then migrated to Improved Touring 142E Volvos. I'm just a simple Volkswagen mechanic, he's a poor rich boy!

                  69yo male T12 complete since 1995
                  NW NJ


                    Phil, Jeff's museum is very extensive. He's got a lot of nice cars and bikes.
                    Did Hurt-Auto get back to you? I haven't heard anything from them.


                      Yes, they did. I enquired about their fold-away transfer plate (it folds up agains the rear door pillar; extended, it presents a bridge from the cockpit to the chair.
                      ~750euro + 250 shipping. Expensive but certainly would help this old man!Frantisek,
                      Please send me the manual. I had a European repair shop for 45 years and took my tools and welders home!
                      Thankyou, Phil
                      On Sep 24, 2021, at 6:22 AM, František Malina <> wrote:
                      Good morning,

                      Thank you for your interest. I´m sorry to say that we do not have any dealer in USA. This device requires professional installation. You can find an installation company in your area yourself or maybe you know about a skilful technician who is available to manage the installation.
                      I can send an installation manual to check by your installer and you will decide whether to purchase.
                      Price is 742 EUR and shipping costs 250 EUR by TNT (FedEx).

                      Best regards

                      Ing. František Malina

                      HURT s. r. o. - Car Adaptations for Handicapped | Bambousek 664 | 281 26 Týnec nad Labem | CZECH REPUBLIC
                      Tel.: +420 321 781 363 | Mob.: +420 608 977 274 (English)
                      E-mail: | Facebook: | Web:


                      They seem to understand the crips needs!
                      69yo male T12 complete since 1995
                      NW NJ


                        I see it ties into the door pillar. It would make car transfers a breeze.
                        They have an electric one that lifts up and down for trucks and vans. This company has a lot of cool products.


                          Since this thread has become active again, a couple of interesting bits I found since last:


                          Translated text in Youtube (I think, it has been awhile)

                          The handset can perform three functions. Gas, brake, clutch. It is a purely mechanical matter and installed in a 1963 VW Beetle. The system was developed by Paul Bruhn in the 1950s. His son, Arne Bruhn / Bruhn Gerätebau, developed it further (the device was also offered ex works by VW) and built and sold it until the end, in 1999. After the company Veigel Automotiv Bruhn Gerätebau took over, the device was no longer offered.
                          You can rarely find a used one, there may be a new edition in the near future!

                          And then there is this guy:


                          Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.


                            Thank you for contributing Joe.
                            Manfred built himself a slick device!