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modify a chair with a single front caster wheel?

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  • modify a chair with a single front caster wheel?

    Does anybody know if it would be feasible to modify a rigid frame wheelchair originally designed with two castor wheels to be supported in the front with only a single castor wheel? I've seen this design in basketball chairs...but basketball chairs are way expensive, and LOW to the ground. I want the height of a 700C wheel, and the agility of a single castor. Apparently there is a company in Ireland that makes a chair like this...they don't even LIST the price..."call." If i can't afford the phone call to the company overseas....I'm not going to be able to afford their chairs...

    Can this modification be in the privacy of your own home? I want to be a stallion on the dance castors bump into my ankles all the time, it sucks. Maybe I can 3d print something... with a chair like that the dudes would be linin up for a piece a me. Common big boy, let's be jack and jake tonight

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    A late friend, a para, changed his chair to a three wheeler. Sorry I don't know exactly what was done, but it was cool and looked very stable. He used it all the time. He knew how to fabricate metal things, and had his garage outfitted with cutting, bending, welding devices, etc.
    I'm guessing that center of gravity adjustments may be important so chair would not tip to sides.
    By the way, have you tried tiny casters?


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      Get an old chair with adjustable casters, like a series one aeroz that can be vertically aligned. Carefully cut both off at the frame without damaging the frame. Take the whole mess to your friendly welder. I last used a fellow who makes bicycle trailers and bikes so he was pretty receptive to my wishes. Show him that you want one of the caster assemblies re welded to be front and center in front of the footplate at least so it swings freely, vertically and hopefully out of the way of your toes, the further the better. It's anyone's guess how far out it does need to be, but I would copy the one that you saw overseas as three wheels do get tippy.
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        Thirty years ago I saw a chair withe a track ball, like we use to use on computers, for a front caster. It was mounted under the foot plate. On hard surfaces it was great.


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          wouldnt that design make it less stable like a 3 wheeler car? like easy to tip froward on those corners where the usual castors would be?