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lift sling combo for putting a non mobile person in a seated position

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  • lift sling combo for putting a non mobile person in a seated position

    Hi I have been trying now for over a year to get information of a lift/sling combo that can lift Anthony out of bed and put him in a straight up sitting position so I can get him into his stander by myself. I've looked at youtube videos, asked his dme, etc. and can't get any straight answers. Ive looked at tons of pics of commode slings thinking that would work but without actually seeing a picture of someone in one I have no idea what to buy. Right now we have a 4point hoyer lift and a usling. I've tried all different combinations of placing the straps short and long, vertical arm and horizontal arm, etc. Does anyone know of a specific type of lift/sling combo we should look at to get this task done?

    He has a great stander but I can't get him into it because the lift/sling combo we have now will only do a reclining position so when i hover him over the stander (in the chair position) obviously I can't get him to a sitting position. Also because of this for years I have had to turn his wheelchair backwards and tilt it back and move him over the back end of it so he can get in it.

    I also tried uploading photos but that is not working when I browse and select the file off my computer it does nothing! How do i get pics on here
    Cindy Waters
    mom to Anthony, right c5, left c4 (24yo)
    injury march 2003

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    Take a look at Surehands products. They have a variety of lifts and slings. The Surehands lift is available in both ceiling and portable models. They are pricey but the quality is excellent.
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      Agreed, the Surehands Body Support, is the only sling type devise I've found that will sit me straight up in my wheelchair.
      C 5/6 Comp.
      No Tri's or hand function.

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        thanks for the link. Anthony has no upper body control. So the Body Support type will not work. I'm trying to find the right combo of lift arm in conjunction with I don't know what type of sling? He has this kind of lift now with the big 4 point cradle arm He has this type of sling now

        I'm wondering if this type of lift cradle would work better and with what sling type . . .so was hoping someone had this type lift usage
        Cindy Waters
        mom to Anthony, right c5, left c4 (24yo)
        injury march 2003


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          I used the Cindy Lift in the past it's reasonably priced, very portable, doesn't take up much space and is safe and easy to use.



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            Waters3, not sure if my input will be of any use to you.
            I use a pretty basic sling ( ) and ceiling lift. My wife can get me in a upright sitting position in it, though we don't use it like this often, I prefer to be slightly reclined when getting up. To do this we hook up the crossed leg straps on outer most loop, the hip ones on the middle one and the shoulder straps on the inner most loop. To keep me from falling forward she wedges a pillow between me and the straps.
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              This seems like a newer type of lift to do what you are asking.

              <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">


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                Both the lift above and the Cyndy Lift require that you already be in a seated position (such as on the side of the bed) before using the lift, so are not practical for use for someone who is totally dependent in movement.

                Most lifts that I am familiar with can be used in such a way that the person is moved in a sitting position, usually by the way that you adjust the straps on the sling (shorter at the head, longer for the leg slings). We have mostly Arjo slings. You could also look at the Arjo Opera or Maxi Move, although this is an expensive lift for home use (we have them in the hospital). The Arjo Maxi Lite might also be an option, but I have not personally used one. As with any lift, try it out with the vendor before buying.

                Arjo Maxi Move:

                Arjo Maxi Lite:

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