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Parts for Tailwind, Next Mobility, I-Glide

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    Parts for Tailwind, Next Mobility, I-Glide

    Anyone know where I could find parts for my Tailwind, purchased in 2010? In particular, I need a right wheel/spoke part. It has been grinded down and no longer engages the gear system properly. I have bought this part before through Clinton River Medical (who now makes a new Tailwind), but they have sold off all their parts from old chairs.

    Please let me know if you know anywhere/anyone who might have a tailwind they would be willing to sell parts from.

    Thanks so much!

    So glad to see it is back on the market! This is the best power assist technology out there. It appears that Clinton River has kicked the technology up a notch or two. Anyone wanting a deditcated power assist ought to give it consideration. It appears that they are just getting these on the market and are looking for dealers. It looks like people may be able to by direct now.
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      Not sure about Clinton Rivers reputation but anyone's better than Next Mobility now Miller Technical Services. Both of these lousy companys destroyed the possibility of purchasing the best damn indoor/outdoor powerchair ever designed and built. Omegatrac
      C 5/6 Comp.
      No Tri's or hand function.

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        In looking around preparing to get my first chair I talked to the folks from Clinton Rivers quite a bit. They were SUPER helpful. They talked to my PT and my DME in advance of my appointment to get measured/fitted/making decisions.
        They even dropped off a demo chair for the PT and DME and I to look at.

        For me... my team decided it wasn't the right chair because of my specific situation... they didnt think i'd be able to lift it to get it into my vehicle... but in the future, or if my financial and vehicle situation was different I would totally get one. The chairs are great and the staff is crazy helpful. They probably answered 20 different emails full of questions that I had for them. And as a first time chair user the questions were rather random i'm sure.
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