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How reliable is Icon A1?

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    Originally posted by ~Lin View Post
    Thanks, bookmarked. Could you take a picture showing the direction theyre oriented? I'm very visual.
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      You prolly noticed, but you're about to lose that seat post end cap!
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        Awesome thanks, saving that.

        The links also helped me know exactly what to search for to find them, and the right size. I found some anodized ones so I could get them to match what color I choose for my forks/casters/spokes. The anodized ones are either more expensive, or way less expensive though so I don't know how the quality of the cheap ones would hold up.

        Hey Jeff, I was wondering as I looked at the photos of my demo chair, does the thickness differ in the laminate seat pan vs the carbon fiber? It would be a long time but I'd like to upgrade to the carbon fiber one whenever I could afford it. I'm currently looking into setting up one of those bank accounts strictly for medical costs. I need to get things started with the service dog organization I'm working with first though since it's a 2 year wait for the training to be completed.
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          Same thickness - the carbon and laminate pans are interchangeable.