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Has any one tried WonderGel or EquaPressure cushions?

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  • Has any one tried WonderGel or EquaPressure cushions?

    I am thinking of trying one and just wondering of any experiences.

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    Disclaimer: I am NOT SCI and have full sensation.

    I've used an EquaGel Protector and an EquaGel General. All made by the same company--looks like the WonderGel ones are their direct-to-public, no-medical-promises line, in the same way that Roho has cheapish cushions aimed at truck drivers etc. Both my cushions are light blue gel; they've changed the gel considerably since. I've also trialled (and rejected) the current (green) versions of those two cushions. Both Protector and General have a shaped "pelvic bucket" at the back, which I found helped me be sure I wasn't off to one side in my chair, and which effectively gave me more dump. The gel isn't wobbly like my Roho, so I felt more stable and as if my impaired trunk muscles were having to do less work to keep me upright (I don't/can't lean on a backrest). The thinner one was good enough for shorter periods, but not all day.

    The General is thinner than the Protector. At the time I got these cushions they were a godsend. I was significantly underweight and finding that my OT-prescribed low-profile Roho was causing numbness in as little as ten minutes. I tried some other things off my own bat, and the EquaGel was the first thing that did away with the numbness AND was thin enough that I could still reach the wheels properly with my t-rex arms. Now that I've gained back the weight and then some, I'm finding that the EquaGel is causing red marks while the Roho is just fine. Go figure. It's been suggested that I've developed a bit of extra obliquity in the hips and that that's why I'm having red marks on one side. Personally, I wonder whether it's just that the cushion in question is 18+ months old and needs to be replaced--a few of the gel cells in the bucket no longer spring back to the original honeycomb shape after use--but the local supplier doesn't think so.

    So, for lack of ability to get hold of an identical cushion to my original Protector, I trialled the current versions of the General and Protector. They are both thicker and harder than the old versions. Both were almost instantly uncomfortable--couldn't sit on either long enough to find out whether they'd leave marks. The new Protector is thicker than the old General! Both were too thick for my liking even if they HAD been comfortable. Others' mileage will certainly vary, but I regret that for me this is the case of a company "improving" a product to the point where I can no longer use it. :-(

    The cushion covers are not the best-designed/sewn I've ever seen. The sizes available are a bit limited, but the cushions can be cut down if necessary.

    I still use both my EquaGels, for specific missions like going to the pool and situations where the wobbly-spreadiness of the Roho is a pain (in the car, on my rugby chair).

    I think the current product from this company needs work. I'm hopefully getting a new chair which will allow for a thicker cushion, but without some kind of extra soft layer on top I won't be able to use EquaGel cushions the way the product line is going. Which is not to say that the current product won't work excellently for you, of course. Just my experience.


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      Thank you for the great info!!
      I am looking to put it into my own cover.