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The future of titanium wheelchairs?

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    Originally posted by WaveWolf View Post
    Another concern I have is that presently chairs are replaceable by Medicare/Medicaid in the USA after 5 years. I fully expect that to become stretched to 8, even 10 years. So that makes me want a titanium chair for these reasons:
    1-durability/longevity without complicated frame repair
    2-lighter weight to load into car, so I can get to work--Medicare only considers in-home use
    3-avoiding injury from fall trying to maneuver chair over obstacles, partially supporting my weight by hanging off something or standing while I lift chair with other hand
    4-vibration absorption to not exacerbate spasms and joint pain/swelling, as I definitely feel the difference between ti & al
    5-resistance to corrosion from salt in winter and ability to maintain a respectable appearance despite inevitable scrapes
    I don't feel any difference between Ti & Al in terms of vibration absorption, and I live in a town full of old bumpy streets & sidewalks. If there is any difference, it's certainly not enough to reduce spasms or swelling, based on my experience.

    Chairs with true suspension are an entirely different story.


      If compare my Quickie GTi(titanium) and Oracing F2(aluminum), the aluminum flex more than titanium.

      When ride on uneven ground, the aluminum chair feel like waving on water.

      The titanium GTi is much stiffer than the aluminum, so to say that titanium absorb vibration better,I will not totally agree.

      May be on space shuttle really tell the difference.
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        I tried for years to get a Quickie Titanium wheelchair from my insurance (Medicare and Medicaid), but was unsuccessful. They kept denying my claim, saying that it was too expensive. They even refused to pay for anything that Tilite or Colours made, even if it wasn't titanium. I eventually had to just give up getting a titanium wheelchair and get the lightest weight Quickie aluminum manual wheelchair I could find.