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  • Any Sprinter Owners Out There

    What year do you have? Type of lift or other modifications? And do you like it? Where do you sit if you're in a wheelchair?

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    I have a friend with a Sprinter that he put a rear lift into, but he does not drive from his wheelchair. He transfers to an adapted seat. My understanding is you cannot put drive from a wheelchair in the Sprinter because of the mechanisms (battery perhaps?) that are installed under the seat on the driver's side, but I do believe you can ride on the passenger side. Hopefully someone here will respond who knows more about this.

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      Check out Midwest Automotive Designs. They know a lot about Sprinters.
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        I have a friend who just passed on. His family is selling his Sprinter van, 2004 I think with few miles. He sent it away somewhere and had the stuff under the drivers seat moved to the passenger seat area. He drove from his electric chair with the option of his wife driving in the reegular seat. I think he's only asking 10 or 15 g's for it. Low mileage and loaded.`

        PM if interested and I'll get more info.

        Note: Found the listing but know she is bringing it home soon to sell privately.
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          Met a person with that 5 cylinder diesel motor in his sprinter and he said that it got 35 miles per gallon.
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            I drive one at work which is a wheelchair lift conversion. We use it for a broadcast remote truck. We get 30-32 MPG highway. Reliable and has worked well for our needs.