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    lift question

    is this lift over kill for high level quad c4/5 complete, will use on trips, no flights just road trips

    i can get it at reasonable price but unsure


    2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member

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    We rarely use stand-up lifts for people with SCI. Can be a big problem if you have significant can actually break your leg using one, and most require that you be able to hang onto the top part of the lift as you come to the standing position. In addition, may be problems with orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure related to posture) during the transfer...including passing out completely. If you do end up with a leg fracture at some time, you would not then be able to use the lift, and obviously the same is true for leg amputations. They will not pick you up from the floor if you should fall, and you have to already be positioned in a seating position on the side of the bed to use one...and maintain that balance while your helper positions the straps, etc.

    I would recommend instead that you look at total body lifts that use a sling, but are compact and work well for travel, such as the Hoyer Advance, LikoLite or Molift Smart.

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