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Intensity select combo - TENS and EMS

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    Intensity select combo - TENS and EMS

    I've been using an EMPI FES device in PT.

    My PT sessions are cut off by insurance for now so I decided to get a unit for home use.
    PT ordered one through their supplier and we were waiting to get approval from the insurance company. There was a mix up. We found that my Orthopedist had gone ahead and ordered an Intensity combo unit.
    This was already approved by insurance company. This is no surprise since the Intensity unit is less than 10% of the price of the Empi.

    Another problem is that the Intensity unit only has TENS and IF mode. However, I see that there is an Intensity Select combo unit that has 4 modes, one of which is "EMS" - apparently for muscle stim - which is what I need.

    Does anyone know if this EMS device will be effective in working against muscle atrophying - I was using the Empi in conjunction with exercises for my quads.