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I'm ready to try something besides air inflation for my seating needs.

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  • I'm ready to try something besides air inflation for my seating needs.

    I first started off with using Jay cushions with great results. Of course that was until the gel pack sprung a leak which of course would turn in to a huge mess. So I then began using the ROHO line of air inflation cells which also works well. That is until an air leak would arise from either the inflation valve or one of the rubber cells themselves. I can typically get about one year from a ROHO cushion before I spring a leak. This is very annoying simply because I'm very easy on my equipment and it's not like I work in a machine shop that might allow sharp objects to pierce my cushions.

    So now I'm looking for an alternative seating method that would take the place of what I've been using. I only weigh 98lbs so I need something that's going to give me great protection from possible skin breakdowns.

    Any suggestions?

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    I'M A Supracor guy. never a mark in over 15 yrs on them. whatever you try, just be careful and watch your skin. I use classic XS. rep
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      I have also spent time on ROHO and Jay gel cushions. For the last couple years I have been using a Varilte Meridian cushion and I have been pleased with it. Maybe you can find a local dealer that has a sample you can borrow.
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        Consider Comfort Company's VicAir, too.
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          I'm with John on the Supracor. I use the contoured model to help keep my knees together.
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            Regarding "... alternative seating method ..." - as others have suggested; the honeycomb structure of a Stimulite and the closed-cell air structure of a Vicair both entail structures different than your referenced Jay and Roho cushions.

            Neither the Stimulite nor the Vicair cushion models exhibit the catastrophic failure mode extant in the specific Roho cushion referenced in your post. In scenarios involving a sharp object piercing a Stimuite or Vicair cushion, the primary function of the cushion is not significantly compromised. You can see the structure of these cushions in the pictures and videos on the Wheelchair Cushion Sage website.

            Incidentally, if you enjoy the outdoors, your warm central Florida climate may deem breathability to be a cushion factor worth considering. In such a case, the Stimulite cushions provide the greatest degree of breathability.
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              I'm about 115 lb. with little body fat and switched from a Roho to a Stimulate six or seven years ago when I got my TiLite. I started to get some issues with sores and am now dealing with a stage 4. I'm back to using the Roho and will probably never using anything other than an air cell system. So if you decide to switch, keep a close eye on your backside.


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                Wow, that sucks Lazierdog, sorry to here this. I continue to use Jay J2's and no problems yet and only once in over 20 years of use have I had one leak, guess I've been lucky. But they do seem fairly tough. They are heavy, but I figure having the good protection and stability they seem to offer is worth it. I kinda felt like with the Supracores I slouched for some reason although I do use one on my Top End Force handcycle.
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