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Quickie Xtender Joystick?????

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  • Quickie Xtender Joystick?????

    Does anyone know of any way to add a joystick to an Xtender setup?

    A friend has a mint looks like never used Quickie 2 w/ extender system. I would love to have something like this for traveling.

    I remember the old days having a PWC with large rear tires, people could just disconnect a battery box, pop off the anti tips to pull a person in the chair up a few steps. All that and it can go in a trunk if needed.

    Try to do even more than one step with a power base and no ramp, it's impossible.

    I have searched and the xtender seems to resemble the Yamaha system that is available over seas with a joystick, but Quicke "knows nothing" about this.

    I know about the Frank Mobility Efix and that is pricey.

    Any ideas would be welcome.

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    It's more than a resemblance. The xtender is simply the rebadged version of the yamaha jw2, and quickie has nothing to do with its manufacture. Yamaha also makes the jwx1 (previous version was jw1) which is not available in North America. It would not surprise me if frankmobility and/or quickie already hold distribution rights for na, but instead choose to promote their established products. However, there is recent news they are moving in to the us market.

    I have a yamaha jwx1, and it's far superior to the quickie p222se I also own (but never use). It doesn't go as fast, but it's tiny and sleek, and the battery life is phenomenal. I've set it up quite differently to the documented version. There's more I can tell you, but if you are unwilling to wait for its us debut, my dealer here said he was willing to deal with cash-only private deals from the Americas. This would probably be in the region of $5000.
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      No dates or specifics, just says they displayed it


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        The wheels are qr, and the battery compartment and anti-tips are attached to the hubs. Plus the joystick is easy to relocate. It would take someone with a little technical know–how/imagination to remount the whole jwx1 system to the average manual wheelchair. The included battery is the nmh version, so not as good as the lithium I have, but still good. It's exactly the same as the xtender one. The charger accepts 100-230 volts, so the most you might need is an adaptor for a few dollars.