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    Access Unlimited - Glide N Go

    I've had a glide n go on my Toyota Tacoma for about 5 years that I purchased through Access Unlimited . It worked perfect for the entire time I had it, until one day a 'wearing' part broke. Really no different than replacing worn breaks on a car, things don't last forever. The GnG was long out of warranty, but I sent Access Unlimited an email on a Sunday. Within an hour I received an email back asking to give them a call first thing Monday morning. I explained what was wrong, sent pic's, etc. 'We're going to make you a brand new unit Mr. Wolfe'.......keep in mind the warranty is was expired 4 years ago. These things are custom built exactly as you want them and they are made to bolt into the existing seat mount screws. It's not something they just pull off the shelf, pack up and send to you, they had to literally make a totally new one with my spec's. They paid for the unit, the shipping and all labor costs of having my buddy mechanic put it in. THAT'S a company that stands behind it's product and it's customers. They went out of their way to fix something they didn't have to! Good thing because I didn't have another $5k to purchase another one since of course insurance doesn't cover a cent!

    If you need assistance getting into a truck or want the option of getting into a truck, I highly recommend the Glide n Go from Access Unlimited
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    its great that you are getting great sevice ! I am glad to hear someone have somthing positive to say about their adaptive equipment. We have had such bad luck with most things since Dalton got hurt that it is great to hear that if you find the right people to deal with that some positve things do happen.