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Has anyone used a Wiijit Lever Drive

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    Has anyone used a Wiijit Lever Drive

    Any impressions???

    I tried a pair for two weeks several years ago. Through trying various aids, I believe what works well for one of us may not work so well for another depending on very specific abilities and lifestyles. You won't know how well they work for you until you try them.

    That said, I didn't like the ones I tried for the following reasons:

    - Braking ability was quite unsatisfactory: I was unable to stop when going downhill (resulting in a curb collision/crash), and my arms/shoulders have normal strength. The brakes were exceptionally/irritatingly noisy. I even had a bicycle shop install premium brake pads at my cost. Wijit subsequently sent me another pair to try - they behaved the same way.

    - They had their own axle with zero camber. I prefer 4 degrees camber to save my knuckles through tight openings. I cannot remember now if my stock wheels fit their axle.

    - Handles in the parked position (toward the back) inhibited maneuverability in tight quarters.

    In summary poor braking was the main deal breaker for me with forced zero camber a close second.

    I also tried MagicWheels, ended up getting a set, and love them - they fit my needs and life style.
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      I've been using mine for a few months now with very little problems. My brakes weren't noisy when I first bought them but after some heavy usage a little noise started.. I talked to the owners at the recent LA Mobilities Expo about the noisy brakes and they said that it is something they are definitely looking into fixing - along with manufacturing them with less weight, so it seems like they are hearing about the problems and actually trying to implement lasting solutions. Time will tell though.

      Anyways, I really enjoy using mine. My wheelchair has a 3 degree camber with wijits and works fine.. so it is possible. They take a little practice to master and learn how to maneuver around with them - took me probably a day or two to get fully adjusted to them. I just checked out their site and saw that they are now making them in different colors and custom designs, so I might eventually send mine back in to get a custom look once I get the cash for it.

      Overall, they've helped me a out a ton. I really feel a difference in my chest and back muscles and less strain on my shoulders. I can get quite a good workout with these wijits. Oh and also I don't have to use gloves anymore or get my hands dirty, which is great. Only problem I've run into so far is the noisy brakes after a while but I can live with that until they come out with a solution for it.