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EZ-Lock bracket for permobil C300

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    EZ-Lock bracket for permobil C300

    Does anyone have a picture of an EZ lock bracket mounted on their permobil C300 that they could share? I will be getting my new C300 chair very soon and I'm curious as to where the EZ lock bracket is mounted on the chair to see if it might be similar to where my EZ lock base is currently mounted in my van.

    Don't have a photo, but when we got one for my mother, we had to have the base moved to work with the EZ-lock on the Permobil compared to where it was on the floor using her previous power chair.

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      If you know a good old backyard mechanic, have him look it over. I've had 3 Permobils (all different) and he's been able to make the EZ lock work without changing the position of the base.


        Yes I actually have a friend who is an engineer and has a machine shop in his garage. He is going to make the bracket for me. I was just curious to see where EZ lock has the bracket mounted because they crash test their products. I was also interested in seeing EZ lock's design and construction of the bracket. Thank you for your response!


          Over the past 27+ years iv'e seen a bunch of these back yard or my friend has a machine shop Ez-Lock brackets on power wheelchairs.

          They all worked fine for one reason, none of them were ever in a accident.

          I don't think one of them would had held up to a 5mph accident never mind a roll over.

          Is saving a few hundred dollars worth your life or the life of someone else in the vehicle?
          Jim, MA, MMET
          Bridgewater, MA


            AI--the answer to your question is that some people are sick of getting ripped off for items related to a wheelchair. I'd be willing to bet that the few hundred dollar mount that you speak of is just a flat mild steel plate with some holes drilled in it, and one weld to accept the bolt.


              Were you able to get that bracket?


                Originally posted by Rustyjames View Post
                AI--the answer to your question is that some people are sick of getting ripped off for items related to a wheelchair. I'd be willing to bet that the few hundred dollar mount that you speak of is just a flat mild steel plate with some holes drilled in it, and one weld to accept the bolt.

                Sorry i missed this post last year.

                Its a little more than that, never mind needing to take the wheelchair apart and put it back together correctly.

                If you know a engineer that has a machine shop and will do it for free you might be ok.

                As i
                mentioned last year iv'e seen really scary stuff that worked for 3-4 years.

                But I think a big bump would have broken it off never mind a accident.

                Jim, MA, MMET
                Bridgewater, MA


                  Yes I did get the bracket made and I've attached a picture of it to this post. It's a simple design, mostly due to Permobil's chair design. It is milled from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum which makes it an extremely strong alloy and just as durable as steel, but it's much lighter and it will not rust!

                  Both Rustyjames and AI have made valid points though. The cost of DME and mobility equipment is absurdly expensive; funding sources are scarce and the "eligibility criteria" for most are so restrictive that it can be difficult for many of us with legitimate disabilities to qualify for the services, programs and equipment necessary to meet our most basic needs to survive and independently navigate any given day. This reality is why so many people go looking for "backyard mechanics" to fabricate something they can afford.

                  I have seen some really scary lockdown brackets and wheelchair accessories made by "backyard mechanics" over the years too. As AI pointed out previously you don't want to compromise your safety or the safety of others either. If you decide to have someone do this for you, it's important to make sure the person is qualified and that integrity/safety is carefully considered!
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                    Very nice..great craftsmanship..
                    Louie Gonzalez
                    C6 C7


                      you are awesome thanks alot.


                        They want to charge me $ 390.00 for the bracket and plus installation. Is a big deal to install it?


                          So how is it mounted to the chair? Do you have a picture of it from the side or top looking at it mounted to base of chair?
                          Thanks. I just got C300 they want 800.00 to get bracket and install.. its ridiculous..


                            Looks like an excellent job. The price of DME repairs and parts are ridiculous. I have made or had made many gadgets/items that I use every day from key holders, cup holders and reaching devices to hand control extensions and they have all made me more independent and my life easier.

                            I just recently had a friend who only rides as a passenger have her EZlock stop functioning. She went to a well known Mobility Dealer and was quoted $1300.00 for a new unit plus labor (unbolt the old one and bolt down the new one). I found her a new one for $425.00 shipped to her door. I remember years ago I had one that quit releasing (the electric solenoid was bad) and a friend of mine replaced just the solenoid for under $100.00.

                            I used to by velcro from the medical supply store and now I go to Walmart. I had the rubber on my cane handles replaced at a bicycle shop for $10.00

                            American Greed is overcome by American ingenuity!

                            It's a freeking solenoid not rocket science..

                            Click image for larger version

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