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TiLite Back Upholstery: tension adjustable by straps

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  • TiLite Back Upholstery: tension adjustable by straps

    Hello, is anyone out there using a tension adjustable by straps backrest from TiLite that fits over back canes?. I love my ZR2 but I am having an issue with the backrest. Am I the only one? Basically, the sleeves that fit over the backrest canes are rounded at the top. There is also padding in them. At the start, the canes fit up in the higher side of the sleeve. Everything works fairly well. But, as I tighten the straps and the foam inside the sleeve starts to compress from sitting against it, the canes migrate to the outside of the sleeve. The outside is lower so the backrest starts migrating up. Eventually the top strap is just folding over and is mostly worthless.

    So, if you have experienced something similar or if you have the tension adjustable by straps that fit over the canes and it works great, please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    ZR2 + t/a back upholstery about 2 years now. No prob w/ backrest sleeves gradually slipping upward. Early on I removed the cane extensions to drop the back height from 14" to 12". Perhaps same-diameter cane all the way to the top of the upholstery sleeves saved me your upward slippage.

    Might try 'fattening' your upper cane extensions with tape or outer sleeving.


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      nofuss, I think that you may be on to something. I have the extensions putting the back up to 16". The upholstery is mosting covering the smaller diameter extensions. I tried "fattening" it up but could not get the backrest down all the way over it. I wish that they still had the straight upholstery. Maybe I will try a different material for the "fat." Thanks for the feedback.