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  • Frame length and front angle Q7

    I am wondering now what is best for me to get, the 100 degree front (80 uk) or the 92 degree (88 uk)? I am having the narrow fit front casters. It says get a longer frame on the form if you have the 100 degree front? What are your thoughts on the stability. I sat in two chair that day, the razorblade, which had tighter front 90 degree i think and the quickie helium or Q7 which was a bit comfier and had the 80 degree front. What is best? Will the chair be more stable with the front that is a bit further out, or should I get the smaller frame and more tucked in front to make the chair more manouverable? I`m probably used to having my feet a little further out due to my present chair being just a standard folder. Reckon its bout only thing to settle on now. Oh and decided against the height adjustable push handles and going with the fold down ones. Plus slim line carbon sideguards and one flip up anti tip. Also getting breathable upholstery. Not going for carbon axle, having compact brakes. Tubular footrest. Cog being set at 3.2 to start with any thoughts on this, will it be stable enough for me? Back rest height 35-40 being set at 35 to start with?

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    Have your checked out the flip anti tips they look interesting and easy for you to opperate?


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      I couldnt find a proper picture of them but have spoken to the guy again and he has said those might be a good idea so am having one of those. He said two were un necessary.. On another note I have noticed on the spec form that if I have the 100 degree (80 degree uk) front angle that you can interchange front castors from 3 or 4 inches to 5 or 6 inches whereas if I go with the 92 degree (88 degree uk) that you cannot change castor size? Would it also make the chair higher from the floor at the 92/88 degree angle?


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        [QUOTE=sproutbeanie;n2924726... Will the chair be more stable with the front that is a bit further out, or should I get the smaller frame and more tucked in front to make the chair more manouverable?....[/QUOTE]

        I think you mean if the chair is longer, that is the casters further out in front of the rear wheels, more distance separating them, will it be more stable? The answer is most definitely yes. Also outdoors larger casters are a benefit, while indoors smaller ones work better as they are more maneuverable. I use 8" pneumatic outside and 3" casters indoors, different chairs. I read here folks compromise on 4" for using indoors and outdoors. 4" is too small for my lack of ability outdoors but it may work for you.
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          Something you may need to acknowledge on different chair brands is where the bend starts in the front. You could have two different brands, one with a 80 degree front and another brand with an 85 degree front and end up with your feet in the same position simply because one starts their bend earlier. We should have prompted you to take pictures of yourself in each chair you tried.

          Also, keep in mind that the further your front wheels are from your back the harder it becomes to turn your chair. It is a bit of a balancing act, keeping stability and function. You have stated that you were very comfortable with one of the setups, at this point I suggest going with that. Being your first chair you are dialing in, there are two guarantees, 1) you will second guess yourself after you place the order and 2) there are some things you would do slightly different on your next. That said, you sound like you are quite close and that is good.
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            On the Q7 I highly suggest you use your anti tip until you are sure you can handle it with out any. I tipped my Q7 and busted my head open. No fun and a trip to the ER. The lower your chair is to the ground the more stable I feel it is. It could be it just hurts a lot less when you take a spill. Either way I like my chairs low to the ground. More compact and easier to monuver. That just how I like my chairs. I am only 5 foot and only weight 95lbs. And found out the hard way that it freekin hurts when you fall out of a tall chair. Stitches in my head fractured bones. Yeah I think I stick with a low chair. I also like the tube foot rest. And solid seat pans and hard backs. What type of hand rims are you getting. If I may suggest that latter on you look n to either natrual fits of surge. Also if you have small hands lt's are a good choice. Remember the longer your chair is the heavier it gets. But don't get it so compact that you take a lot of falls from it. As like I stated before the Q7 is a very tippy chair.


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              Is anyone else confused by the Helium's frame angle measurements being taken from one direction for the default measurement and the other for the UK measurement? :-)

              The frame angle you order will not affect the front height because you are ordering a particular front height so that is what they will give you. If you order a 17" front height, you'll get a 17" front height regardless of frame angle ordered. If what you want is not achievable they should tell you so. If you change the castor size after purchase, that will affect the front height, unless you can compensate in some way. You should go with what seemed comfortable for you rather than hoping you can get used to something less comfortable over time, but do bear in mind that frame depth affects footplate position as surely as frame angle does.

              If your proposed COG of 3.2 is in centimetres, about 1.2", that will be pretty stable, but hopefully not too heavy to tip when you want it to to get over an obstacle. Everyone is different; I run my chairs so tippy that the unwary AB who helps himself to my chair while I'm on the rugby court is in serious danger of tipping himself over backwards while merely trying to push, but it's perfectly safe for me because the shape of my spine effectively has me leaning forward all the time. COG adjustment is an adjustment you should learn so that you can play with it. With an anti-tip in place, it should be difficult (though not impossible) to go completely over backwards, so you should be fine trying out different options.

              Did you have any luck tracking down a wheelchair skills course?


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                Re: the Q7 being a particularly tippy chair. I think this depends entirely on the setup of the individual chair. I will say that when I tried one, we made a LOT of changes to the COG, and even when we had it set so tippy that I ​could not keep the castors on the ground while pushing it still felt unexpectedly safe. I would say that the particular Q7 I tried was remarkably well-balanced.


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                  I wondered if the Q7 being light would be have a downside, ie making it a bit more unstable. I hope it works out ok. I am just trying to balance (no pun intended lol) my being able to lift the chair myself with getting something safe. The cog is measured in centimetres. I must admit the front angles being in two sorts of measurements is very confusing. If I went with the 88(92) front angle I reckon I would change to 4" soft rolls as a compromise. If I go with the 80 front angle (100) I will be able to alter the castor size if I want to. The guy rang back earlier and said that the chair I sat in was a standard length frame, not the long length version. It does mention something about the longer frame length being advised with the narrow castor position. I didnt really want to extend the length of the chair unless it would be too unstable. It did have the narrow front castors which I liked. He is checking out the back upholstery options because there are four.. Standard nylon, lightweight air vented, vented, and the alcantara (faux suede). The just "vented" sounds a bit more cushioned because 1cm has to be taken into account with the measuring. Hes also checking out the natural fit hand rims for me, I have tried the original natural fit ones but not the new LT version. If the LT ones fit my hands ok it may save a bit on weight. I`m having the fold down push handles but not changing the back handle to the oval version as he told me that if I wanted to add height adjustable push handles in the future they would not fit on the oval type? Do you think having the clip strap type seat would save any weight or should I stick with the standard seat? I think I will stick with the 24" wheels. I did like the 25" on other chairs, but with this guy being so far away I cant have another try to see which I prefer. Thats the downside to dealing with someone so far away (3hours or so drive). To give the guy his due he trying to sort things out as best as he can for me. He is telephoning sunrise tomorrow to check out the upholstery, the rims and the flip up anti tips. It would be good to see a proper picture of those flip up anti tips and not just an exploded diagram which is all I have been able to find at the minute. Has anyone tried the swingaway anti tips? I have been advised not to bother with the carbon fibre axle as he says it wont make a lot of difference weight wise, and I`m going with the slim fit carbon fibre side guards. Sorry if I am repeating myself. I`m really tired and have taken my bedtime meds. I really appreciate all of your help and advice to me "the newbie". Its great to get impartial unbiased advice. If anybody thinks I have overlooked something please shout up , thanks, sproutbeanie signing out for tonight g`nite If or when I do get my chair sorted I will post some pics, hopefully with me smiling!

                  By the way QTiPi, Marmite has become a hot topic of conversation here lol


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                    I havent heard anything about a wheelchair skills course yet, I am at the hospital next Wednesday and Thursday so I will chase it up then. I do hope I can have fun and build my confidence back up