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TiLite Seat - Tension Adjustable Bolt-On or Strap?

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  • TiLite Seat - Tension Adjustable Bolt-On or Strap?

    I recently received a new Tilite TR with a solid seat pan. This is my first solid seat and it turns out I really don't care for it. I'd like to switch it out for a tension adjustable seat, but I'm not sure which to order - the bolt-on or strap version. Can someone run down the pros/cons of each, as well as some pics so I can get a feel for what I might order?
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    Straps are my preference. ~$150 + shipping. When ordering a new chair straps avoid the drilling of several holes in the frame rails. Every frame crack I've seen has started at a drilled hole. Since your solid pan was probably bolted on, if their OEM G10 option,(uneccesarily, IMHO) you already have holes. Given that, I still prefer TiLite's strap sling. I use one, and I like the ability to tighten the piss out of it for a decently firm seat. All polymer based (nylon usually) slings stretch a bit over time, and the straps allow for very easy adjustments. Especially if you are looking to sag one area a bit more than another, to tweak seat heights in small increments, or allow for some contour, or change the seat depth a bit.
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      I have bolt on, and I wish I had strap, because then I could adjust the tension and fine-tune positioning/ergonomics of my seatbase, vs, with the bolt on, this is almost impossible to do.
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        Going to a solid seatpan really changed things for me, it was so much better. I had a stock Tilite solid (honeycomb aluminum) seatpan but when that began to sag I bought a carbon fiber one from Stephen at bike-on. It's very light and has some flex that seems to make me more comfortable. I'm not really helping answer your question about bolt-on or fabric but because changing over to soIid helped me so much was wondering if you would consider trying another kind of soild. Everybody is different. I had a nice expensive ADI carbon fiber seat back and it turned out I am more comfortable with the Tilite fabric back. Best of luck what ever you decide on :-)


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          I think the straps are the way to go, sounds like. Grommet, I appreciate the idea of trying out the CF seat, but I'm running out of cash rapidly. I need to go with what I know will work, and be done experimenting. I had a canvas seat on my old quickie, and it worked well enough. Terrible for tightening, though, so the straps make some sense in that respect. The seat pan I have on here now weighs a ton (comparatively) but it also makes my hips ache after a long day of sitting in it. Perhaps a CF pan with a bit of give to it would help, but perhaps not.
          Thanks for the advice guys - I really appreciate your help.