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    Quickie Xtender

    I demoed a quickie Xtender last Friday. It was not anything like I was expecting. This is what I noticed.

    1. The wheels felt bumpy as you push, almost robotic.
    2. When I sat in it, it felt like I was high off the ground. This cannot be adjusted with the Xtenders in place.
    3. It also felt like I was sitting straight up at a 90 degree angle. This cannot be adjusted.
    4. It is very hard to go up steep inclines, like a ramp on a van, without flipping over backwards. Anti tippers help for small inclines only, from what I can tell.
    5. Going down a ramp is the opposite, but I can hold my arm around the back of the chair to hold myself up when exiting.
    6. The wheels add about 4 inches of width to the chair, making going up the ramp on a van difficult and wheeling around a small and narrow apartment challenging. My chair would not be as wide as the one he brought (seat width 20, mine is 16), so I guess that could work.
    7. The wheels add 30 pounds of weight to the chair.
    8. When outside it is very easy to push with very little effort at all, even up steep inclines.

    My DME specialist told me that I can Âœturn off the Xtenders and wheel manually up the ramp on my van and for wheeling around the apartment. I told him that it would add 30 pounds of stress to my elbows and wrists, and that would defeat my whole purpose for getting the power assist in the first place.

    I asked him about the smart drive. He said that there is a safety issue right now, so he is not allowed to sell them. The issue involves the wheel disengaging at random. Is this true? Has anyone ever heard of that?

    I am curious to get other opinions about the Quickie Xtender. Did I do something wrong? Is there something I can do to make my experience with the Quickie Xtender a better one?


    I can't really comment about the Smart Drive or the Xtenders but I can tell you I feel I have the best of both worlds with E-Motion power assist wheels to use in and around the home whilst using a ZX1 to access the community.

    The E-Motion power assist wheels don't add the extreme width that earlier models did, so it is really only a couple of inches. In saying that there is still the weight issue and there are limitations of what it can actually do. The transference of force from arms to push rims results in very directional propulsion and takes a little bit of getting used to.

    So I am a complete C5 C6 quad leaning towards the C5 side of things. I find the combination of E-Motion wheels and ZX1 power assist an excellent solution to my mobility needs.

    Just my 2 bob's worth.


      I am a c5/c6 complete and used a manual chair for about 15 years before switching to a power w/chair. I also got a quickie extender somewhere along the way. While my power chair is my preference in terms of function, comfort and ease, there are times when my quickie extender is handy. Mainly for traveling as it is foldable when I take off the back. I really don't use a regular manual chair at all anymore so the quickie extender is essentially my secondary chair. I like having the power it provides which I need. I like that it fits in most cars and taxis etc. It gives me more independence than a manual chair but significantly less than a power chair.

      It is in my case much lower than my power chair so that is a big inconvenience for transfers and reaching things.
      It does take some getting used to in pushing but the power really does make a big difference. Yes it is tippy in going up my mini van ramp even with anti-tippers. The wheels however slow down when going down ramps so that was not an issue for me. I will be using it this week on a vacation to Curacao. We are renting a car and the quickie extender will fit once the back is off, (a jay type back) which comes off super easy.


        I can't compare the other drives, but I have not had any of those problems with my SmartDrive. My hanger is properly installed on the axle per the instructions. The wheel has never come disengaged accidentally and judging by taking it off and on, I doubt it will come off on it's own.
        I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.