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Invacare tdx vs. quantum q6 edge

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  • Invacare tdx vs. quantum q6 edge

    I'm a c5 quad and I'm able to get a new wheelchair this year. I currently have an invacare TDX SP with power recline/tilt/legs. I have Medicare and want a mid-wheel chair with power recline/tilt/legs again. I may also get the seat elevator function, but I haven't decided yet.

    So I've narrowed it to two choices. Another invacare TDX or a quantum q6 edge. I'm aware that invacare as a company is having quality control issues right now. I've had very few problems with my chair, though. But, I'm not one of those people that's so in love with my current chair that I'm not willing to change models.

    Honestly, the chairs seem incredibly similar so I'm not sure it would be worth switching brands. The invacare is 1mph faster, reclines to 170 degrees, tilts 55 degrees, and elevates 6 or 7in. The quantum reclines to 168 degrees, tilts 50 degrees, and elevates a max of 10in. The setup of the bases/ability to take bumps/overall ride also seems similar.
    Is there something really significant I'm missing?

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    While I know nothing about a Quantum Q6 Edge, I have had a couple of TDX-SP chairs. I have the tilt in space and seat elevator (9") but not the recline nor the power leg elevators. The TDX-SP is a very good and comfortable chair. With the 6 wheels, it steps over thresholds and 3" curbs easily and very straight. I have the no-flat tires and the ride on badly maintained sidewalks is terrible and will beat the hell out of you if you go top speed. Railroad tracks are very uncomfortable also. I am sure the ride would be much smoother with inflatable tires but I have too many flats when I use tubes.

    Good luck.

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      I have the Edge, but only have tilt. I've had no maintenance issues with mine which I have had for almost a year now. With the front and back casters having suspension, it goes up and down 3 inch curbs and over thresholds with no big problem. It doesn't sound like it's any better than your chair over rough surfaces. I think until someone comes up with suspension for the drive wheels, rough rides are just a part of the game.

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        My wife has a Quantum Q6 with the elevator mechanism. I'm not very impressed with it considering what we paid out of pocket. Unlike the standard Quantum tilt/recline mechanism, it doesn't have oil impregnated bronze bushings and there are no lubrication holes. They claim it needs no lubrication but I have to laboriously soak oil into all the joints using a syringe to keep it from creaking annoyingly. Despite my efforts to keep all the steel on steel pivot points lubed, the scissor mechanism has gotten quite sloppy over the last 3 years. A new DME came over recently to evaluate my wife for new positioning accessories and he thought it was broken. I'm also constantly fiddling with the limit switch. Sometimes it won't come out of inhibit when she lowers the seat or it just flat out won't work. The problem seems to be a sloppy mounting bracket. Based on the elevating function I would not chose Quantum again.