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Bathroom wheelchair that can be used as regular wheelchair for everyday use?

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    Bathroom wheelchair that can be used as regular wheelchair for everyday use?

    Hi there!

    One of my biggest problems when traveling is carrying my bathroom chair besides my Quickie GT.

    Is there any chair in the world like the GT that can be used for shower and bowel program? I searched and found none...

    Thanks in advance!



    But seriously, take a look at

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      I have several times brought my backup chair (in addition to my everyday) to hotels to use in their roll in shower. It's a kuschall champion, so fods very small. I remove backrest cover (have tension adjustable straps, which stay). The cushion is a stimulite. I have a few holes drilled in the seat sling (regular nylon one) but I think if I wanted to use it on a more regular basis, I'd switch to a mesh seat. I don't do a bowel program, but if I did I don't think it'd be that hard to cutout a hole in the seat for a pail and chute


        We recently got a new everyday chair for my husband. Although we do not plan to use it in the shower often, we want the possibility if needed (he does not do a BP). We got an ADI carbon fiber seat base along with a ADI carbon fiber back. .The idea is to use a Stimulite Silver cushion and Stimulite Lumbar Support. for in the shower. We have the ADI carbon fiber seat base attached with velcro so it is removable. Possibly you could modify a seat base to make it work better for a BP.
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          Elarson, is the cushion reversed in that photo? I thought the curved side goes to the back, so the sort of cut forward parts are stopped at the back canes but the cushion itself can extend a little further.
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