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  • Comments on Pride Quantum Q6 Edge?

    Insurance approved a power chair for me. DME has ordered a Pride Quantum Q6 Edge. Anybody got one? Comments?

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    My wife has one. If I had it to do again I would pay the upgrade for accutrac (assuming you are getting the q-logic controller). Otherwise, the steering is mediocre in high torque situations such as up a steep ramp or over a door threshold. If you stop at the critical point crossing a threshold you are sure to bash the door frame trying to start again. Pride will tell you you don't need it unless you have sip and puff. The standard is good enough. Well, my 96 Ford van steers and I manage to keep it out of the oncoming lane, but I prefer something closer to a BMW in accuracy. That said, I have not been able to try an accutrac. I am basing it on the fact that the speed encoders are a superior way to control 2 independent motors.
    Overall, the Edge is better than the old Q600. Better motors and slightly larger controller are standard. Better suspension. Still, 6 wheel has it's limitations. I'd go fwd even if it has a larger turn radius. With 6 wheels you are fighting the casters more in tight maneuvers.