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    I've had a pair for a year now. Let me share my views (pros and cons). I'm a T-4 para. I have strong use of my arms/hands/shoulders limited trunk control as expected. For my purposes, I have 3 wheelchairs so I don't have to use this chair 100% of the time. Basically I only use this chair for exercising/swapmeet/going to the beach. It's not an everday chair. It could be but there are some drawbacks. Let me say, if you can find a smooth path with an incline (like the street I live on), it's GREAT for a cardio workout. I take it out at least every other day, and exercise. I prefer this over a hand cycle because my transfers aren't that great.

    their wheel sizes are off. they're smaller and thinner than what they say. this throws off the way the chair handles. ie: cog, etc. You need to make sure it's the exact same size as your original tires. don't just trust what their tires say, you need to actually physically switch and make sure yourself. this way if you want to put your original tires back on you don't have to re-adjust the brakes back or forth.

    when hitting a really steep grade you need to push on the rims. the arms won't do. they won't give you enough leverage/power. to make things a little tougher, because the arms can't swing out of the way completely, you can't get a full stroke. the arms will impede your stroke whether you drop them foward or backward when you disengage them. your stroke is really really limited when you push yourself the regular way when not using the arms to propel yourself. again...this is only when you hit a really steep incline, which doesn't happen too often.

    when using the arms it's not as easy to gage your wheelies when going over cracks in the road or going over debris etc. Pushing your wheels the regular way is much more intuitive and easier navigating thru everyday obstacles.

    Great cadio exercise. When using on flat land you can go for miles without exerting yourself. It really does save your shoulders using the wijits. when pushing up an incline you feel the stress on your arms/biceps and back. I've yet to feel any stress or pain on my shoulders.

    They are fun to use, and really do allow you to travel much longer distances than usual. For those who have more than 1 chair, I would highly recommend the wijits. It's a fun and easy way to get some exercise. If anybody has any questions that I can answer feel free. They also have a few videos and a website with a compatibility chart and faq's. I hope this info can help somebody out.

    God Bless,


    I put the wijits on my colours shockblade. if you have a suspension wheelchair, I think that would be best. I'm hoping to get the freewheel and use that on this chair. I think that will make it a lot easier to navigate in rougher terrain. I hate having to constantly be staring in front of me for pebbles or cracks on the road.


      How's the braking especially downhill? How are they to use inside?

      (Disclosure: I tried them, and didn't like them because of difficulties with the above.)
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