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Sample catheter sharp eyelets but is polished recessed

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    Sample catheter sharp eyelets but is polished recessed

    I am doing once per week ISD for urethral stricture post surgery maintenance. The stricture is at bladder neck and I also have a narrowing at about 6 inches of catheter insertion.

    I have been using a coloplast speedicath tiemann (curved tip) which is perma soaked in a liquid and I believe is hydrophilic coated.

    I have cathed about 80 x since last year with these.
    I do not have any SCI so I feel it all the way.
    The nurse wanted me to go up to a size 16, but the tiemann only goes to 14 in that range.

    When I have tried 12/14 straight tips they do not get through to the bladder, instead drawing blood.

    With tiemann, it takes about 3 mins to pass but it works without drawing blood.

    I recently tried a new sample cath with a ball end which passed through the 6" stricture point easily however it was painful getting it into bladder.

    I tried 3 in one day, all painful at the bladder inlet point.

    This was very annoying to me, because the ball end should not have caused that problem.

    I analysed the look and feel of speedicath and sample
    The speedicath has tiny, non recessed but smooth to the touch eyelets, ie my finger can pass over without discomfort.
    The sample cath had lovely looking recessed eyelets. However when I passed my finger over these it was sharp. I reckon I could grate carrot on it.

    I made my comments to the company but not had a reply yet.
    I feel that if the sample cath had the speedicath eyelets, it would be a real bonus. I might even make a hybrid to test, although I'm not keen on concerns of how I'd sterilise it nor keen on how to make sure 2 components bond together.

    What a shame.

    I also think that the visually unimpressive tiny eyelets of the speedicath are a great thing as they can not suck much bladder wall at any one time, however the drainage is perfectly acceptable.

    +1 to speedicath.

    Anyone else had experience of caths that have recessed, polished eyelets but are actually sharp to use and therefore not worth the urethral damage? A case of sounds good on paper.

    I will follow up with tthe other company as I would like to cath more if I need to.
    April 2012 sp cath removed, doing 1x weekly ISdilatation.

    Apr 11 SP Cath. fitted to resolve 1st urinary retention, after many years of ignoring the harshest of urination impingement (12 years) (equivalent symptoms and struggles of BPH IPSS 40