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Everest & Jennings Vision Barracuda and..?

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    Everest & Jennings Vision Barracuda and..?

    Hey there!

    Does anybody here remember the Everest & Jennings Vision Barracuda?

    It looked like this:

    I know E&J made other chairs similar to this - the Vision SomethingOrOther, ones that had different specs. I can't remember and it is driving me crazy.

    Anyone remember?

    As I understand it, Vision was bought by E&J. I believe those chairs were the design of Doug Garven. They were really cool, but they didn't turn out so well once E&J got a hold of them. They ended up being extremely heavy. A friend of mine still has one that he uses all the time. It's the "Reactor." I can't remember what the other models were called. Cool chairs but were seriously hindered by too many corners being cut and the fact that they had to be able to hold a 400-pound user. The original designs by D. Garven were MUCH lighter/better.


      Lightning was E&J's initial entry as a lightweight rigid chair, which joined the "Hot Wheels" kids chair in their Formula Series line.
      Impulse was the "built to spec with no adjustments" fully customizable chair. If you could dial in the specs correctly the first time around, it was a great performance chair. But getting the specs right in a non-adjustable chair was a challenge!
      Barracuda was in the Vision line of chairs, which as Wheel Life stated was a company that was purchased by (or partnered with, not certain of the details) E&J in hopes of becoming the company's cutting edge line of high performance chairs.
      Ellipse was E&J's graphite composite chair. A cool idea but the technology not quite advanced enough at the time to make a go of it.

      Thanks to my friend WG for helping me remember these chairs from our days back in the late 1980's and early 1990's when we worked together in Sales for E&J!


        Here`s my modded Barracuda with an Fox shock......


          There was a thread about this some time ago.