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    Has anybody heard of problems with getting parts for these chairs? I was told by my DME that their factories are under investigation by the FDA.

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    In the middle of November of 2012, I got 2 new batteries and a full gear box assembly for my Storm TDX-SP from my durable medical equipment suppier. No issue, no problem, no questions asked.

    Hard to say what is gong on several months later.

    You could search the internet. If the FDA is somehow involved in restricting the sale of parts for existing Invacare TDX-SP chairs, you may find it.

    All the best,


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      I have not heard of problems getting parts but i have a TDX-SP and im very disapointed with it....


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        you should still be able to get your parts. there's a lot more info in this thread: /forum/showthread.php?t=214356
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          Yea, from what I've read its not an issue getting parts its more of an issue getting new invacare power chairs. But if they have the chair that best meets your needs you can still get them, so even then its not impossible.
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            After reading the article posted on this and another thread, I sent a link to my DME that I purchased my TDX-SP from. He sent me the following:

            Invacare is under the consent decree right now. I have to do paperwork for items (not parts) that say there is no other company that makes the item and that it is medically required for the client to have the item before Invacare can sell it to me. Also, there is a two or more week lead up to the order now, which adds about another month to getting stuff out to clients.

            It appears to be more "red tape" but the parts and equipment is still available.

            Good luck.
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              It stands to reason that if the company is being investigated and has had dysfunction in the past that there is going to be a bottleneck in getting parts in a timely manner now.

              Also it is disturbing that people may have to sign a disclaimer to get a chair in the future.

              "The consent decree, which was approved in the U.S. Northern District Court of Ohio late Friday, will impact the production of wheelchairs at the plant, company executives say."

              "The decree requires that anyone purchasing a wheelchair made by Invacare's Elyria plant sign a form acknowledging that they know of quality violations alleged by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Buyers must also confirm that a clinician has determined the product is necessary and that the patient's needs cannot be fulfilled by another manufacturer."


              "FDA officials announced that violation of the consent decree could result in Invacare being fined up to $7 million a year and being ordered to stop manufacturing, recall products and take other corrective action."
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                (from the mouth of a actual dealer....)
                parts are not a issue.... takes one extra day to get (5-7 days to west coast.

                New chair, that's another issue. Still possible, but needs clinician to sign letter/form.


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                  I think parts are going to become an issue. Hopefully I am wrong.
                  Here is something else I found.