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    adi back-weight

    anybody have an aluminum adi back and is it pretty light?

    on the site it says the shell is 1.5 lbs and the quick release hardware is 1.30 lb. that sounds pretty light. i'm trying to trade in the jay3, this thing weighs a ton and a half.

    or i was looking at the varilite icon mid. which says 4.2 lbs with hardware.

    A 4 lb weight can have the force of 20 lbs when levered. That is the problem I have with solid backs. They aren't that heavy when lifting them close to your body. But when you have to lift the frame + back with one arm fully extended - like when getting it in/out out of the car - the additional levered weight can take a toll on your shoulder, especially if you already have shoulder damage.


      I have a 10" ADI Aluminum.

      and a 10" CF Jetstream Pro.

      and a Varilite Icon (mid).

      The Varilite is physically larger, offers a little more support, and the air cushion is better than ADI's foam. The 2PP hardware on the ADI and the Varilite's quick-release hardware feel similar in weight.

      They're all good backs & light enough.


        thanks scott.....