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How fast should a manual rigid frame wheelchair be able to go?

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    [QUOTE=Axle;1646093]That is exactly how I feel. The new chair should be a clear winner, especially seeing that it is custom made. I paid for the custom build. I didn't buy a demo. What did I get for it? This new chair loses to my old chair in every aspect but posture. But the posture improvement is due to the custom cushion and back, which I could have put on my old chair. I gave up safety, access (new chair does not clear kitchen counters), weight (my old chair that is 8 years old weighs less) and a luggage rack (can you believe that the luggage rack doesn't hold luggage) and I gained zero. I am one unhappy customer.[

    Who is the manufacture of your chair>? I would like to see a picture of your custom back you had made, if possible. Sorry for all the trouble you have been having. I have a Q7 that is sized incorrectly and it has caused numerous accidents and injuries. I can't go fast at all! Bad caster flutter..