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Any new beds available?

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    Any new beds available?

    Well my akrotech 4000(dinosaur - can you guess the manufacturing date?) can no longer function properly. I fixed it annually as long as I could. I loved this bed but it's unfortunately not able to be repaired anymore by myself.

    Some facts about me.

    240 pounds(currently)
    6 foot
    severe left shoulder and neck pain
    I tend to break down fairly easy
    I can't turn and stay on my side

    So I'm attempting to have the bed fixed by a company but I don't have very much faith in them. Right now I'm renting a Sentech 2000 which they told me had 3 separate custom air adjustment areas. It doesn't... the 3000 does.

    Well I tried this bed out last night. Where do I start?...

    I guess I could say I hate it for one!

    The MATTRESS is inferior, the tubes have spaces between them which causes uneven pressure. The mattress also seems less thick(height) and is smaller length wise. I do like that it has foam on the bottom to prevent bottoming out.

    The PUMP is either whisper quiet or obnoxiously loud. I have it on alternative pressure and every 20 seconds or so the pump turns on. Last night I couldn't fall asleep even with the tv blasting. It just way to much of a jump in noise. This pump is inferior in the amount of CFM it pumps out. Very slow air flow.

    There's a low air loss setting but I don't know enough about that to try it. Does LAL work better than AP? With my Akrotech 4000 it had 6 zones, all fully customizable to the pressure you wanted it to be. It would alternate pressure very softly and I could sleep through the night. This pump seems to move the air between the top and bottom of the mattress through a two zone system. back and forth motion.

    I'm desperately in need of finding a bed like the Akrotech. Anyone have any suggestions? I spend a great deal of time in bed.
    Joe T.

    Well the pump really.
    Joe T.


      MA95 is great!
      Do a YouTube search to see in action.


        Check sizewise.


          It's ancient. Mine was manufactured in 1994 lol

          The invacare looks nice. I'm just concerned that I can't adjust the sections. I really like my shoulder section to be soft.

          I just found a stage 1 ulcer on my bum. I'm pretty bummed...
          Joe T.


            I messaged Jakeyboy this question about the MA95z, maybe someone knows the answer.

            I'm tossing back and forth on either getting the 36" or 42" version. If I buy the 36" model do I lose 2" on each side with those safety rails they have? Or the 2" safety rails are extended beyond 36" width? which gives it a total of about 40" wide?

            I'm ready to pull the trigger on this bed!
            Joe T.


              The 36" includes the the rails... meaning you get 32" of surface. It is plenty....

              You have to take it the intention/design/purpose of the MA95z mattress. It is designed for the person with skin breakdown and the inability to do pressure relief or movement on their own. It has lateral rotation, true low air-loss and alternating pressure. Even though the patient is "confined" to 32", there is so much movement and air-flow that pressure sores don't stand a chance.

              Not trying to sound like a Invacare commercial here... I've just had lots of experience with this model and have seen it work.