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  • Manual Wheelchair for Low Sale or Donate

    Im a C4-C5 quad injured 11/11/11. Since then i have been in a powerchair, and i hate it!!! I had to use it b/c in the begining i had no use of my right arm. Even though its still relatively weaker than my left, I've strengthened it alot and is now able to propel myself in a rugby chair really slow but steady. I always wanted a manual chair but doubted my ability to push myself until now. I also researched propel assisted wheels called "Wijits" which could help me be more independent. I have a friend whos' had a tendon transfer to triceps and now can transfer himself, play rugby, an is now in college. I REALLY want to put myself in the position to be completely independent like him. Since im only a yr into my injury an my insurance wont pay for a manual chair b/c they will only replace it every 5yrs an i cnt afford to buy one, i was wondering if anyone has an old chair that you would be willing to donate or sale for a low price. If so please contact me at Thankyou I greatly appreciate it.