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Can I use Quickie upholstery on my Ti lite?

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    Can I use Quickie upholstery on my Ti lite?

    Can anyone advise me as to whether Quickie back upholstery will work on my tilite?

    Thanks so much.

    I'm sure Tilite has some sort of disclaimer about this....all chair companies say its at the users' peril and they're not to blame for damages due to use of a different manufacturers' products on their chair. That said if you want to try this, you'll have to see if it would fit the dimensions and if the manner of attachment would work. If it's bolt on, I'd suggest not buying a new Quickie upholster set, since bolt-on will depend on the spacing of the areas where the bolts are inserted, and if they don't match, well, you're screwed. (pun intended.) If I were to use upholsetery from a different brand than my chair, I'd be sure it was velcro on....

    I've modified my back upholstery setup in order to put on push-handles on my previously handle-free Ti. (got it used.) I used industrial strength velcro from Lowes as back upholstery, and in my experience, it's just as sturdy as the velcro upholstery that came on my chair back...not to mention, and less expensive, and easier to adjust!

    I'd be more cautious of replacing the seat sling upholstery, since that bears body weight, much more so relative to the backrest. You can do it, of course, but just use good sense and, yknow, caution.
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