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New Honda Odyssey Van battery problem

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    As others have said, bad battery, bad alternator, or something is stuck "on". Whatever it is, it is not your fault, so don't pay anything. Of course if the lift people did something wrong and the dealer finds it, that would be another matter.
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      Originally posted by Mombo View Post
      The AAA guy who came out several times to jump us said we should look into getting a 2nd battery to help with the load. He said that a lot of people who have the huge stereo equipment in their cars have a 2nd battery and it solves the problem. Have any of you heard of this? We should be getting word on Monday as to what the problem is.

      Thanks for all your input!!!
      How did you make out with the mobility dealer?

      Was it a problem with a electrical draw?

      imho: A second battery isn't needed in a lowered floor mini van.

      If the van isn't being driven enough or you are cumulatively taking more from the battery than you are putting back in i think a fully automatic battery charger is a better choice.
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        We found out that the problem was the controller that handles all the electrical parts. It was not "going to sleep" like it's supposed to. They are installing a new controller from VMI and a new, heavier battery. Hopefully, PROMLEM SOLVED!!! Thank you again for everyone's input - this is one of the reasons Care Cure ROCKS - good people willing to brainstorm on behalf of another member!! Thank you and Happy new Year!!