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    I drive an FJ Cruiser 4x4 and it's quite a leap to get in. I use it for off roading and camping and of course it's great when I go to the snow. I dig it and am keeping it but to delay the decay (joints) I am looking for a daily driver. I have had many cars 2 and 4 door and for the absolute easiest in and out without any doubt if it's all about ease, 2 door!
    I'm most likely going to buy a slightly used 2011-12 Scion Tc. They made some good improvements to the newer model including bigger brakes, handling, safety, gearbox(transmission) resulting in better mpg. It's a Toyota product and fortunately I have a friend who works for Toyota so I can get the 100k mile/7year extended warranty for under 800bucs.
    Consider keeping your jeep though, they are a pretty easy vehicle for most paras to get in and out.