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ROHO Contour vs High Profile opinions?

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  • ROHO Contour vs High Profile opinions?

    After many years with Jay, I've now decided that ROHO is best for my wife. She is currently holding her own on sores (but always on the edge of slipping into stage 1 on the ischials) with a Quadtro Select High Profile. I got it with a used chair so it wasn't really "selected" for her. It's 2" narrower than the chair but I really haven't seen a downside to that so far. I had her back on the Jay Deep Contour today while cleaning the ROHO and realized she bottoms out in the Jay. I would not want her spending any serious time in it. I think the well cut into the foam is too large for her shape and too much gel squeezes out. It's time to get a second ROHO for backup.

    My question is which one? The high profile is working OK, but she is quite V-shaped. Sometimes one or two of the center cells get stuck down because she sinks so far in. I'm pretty sure it isn't bottoming out, but I have a hard time getting my fingers under her to gauge the clearance. It seems quite firm to me. The Contour Select and Enhancer models are more her shape. I can't decide if that would help or hinder. The short cells in the center would eliminate quite a bit of air volume which reduces the amount available to redistribute pressure. And, I suspect the overall size of the cushion could be more critical with the Select and Enhancer. Extra width and length is just more volume to absorb the displaced air, allowing her to sink deeper. On the other hand, the severely compressed cells in the center of the High Profile might not provide the best pressure/shear reduction.

    I wish there was a short term rental program on these so you could try them for a week. Just because her hips require an 18" chair to clear armrests, that doesn't mean she should be on an 18" cushion. It's quite a bit to spend to get it wrong. A trip to a seating clinic would be hundreds of miles and exhausting for her. And, if they don't have the needed models and sizes available, would it even do any good?

    Any thoughts, opinions, or experiences with the Contour or Enhancer models from the forum?