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Jay Active Cushion - Poor Quality Complain

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  • Jay Active Cushion - Poor Quality Complain

    Recently I purchased a Jay Active Cushion 125 from

    I am a Jay Active Cushion experienced customer because this is my fifth or sixth purchase of this product.

    The problem is that this time I received a fluid pad that do not have the same quality I had seen in my previous Jay Active Cushion purchased.

    The fluid pad this time is clearly less fluid (more rigid) than my previous ones, what is causing me disconfort while I am using the product.

    Definitly they sent me this time an Jay Active Cushion where the fluid pad has problems and maybe promote lesions in my skin. So I am trying to receive another fluid pad.

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    You can order Jay cushions with standard fill, 1 over fill or 2 over fills. I wonder if the wrong fill capacity was ordered/specified with this cushion.

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      If you purchase from an Americam company who produce their products in a factory located inside USA, you can expect a quality level. But, when the factory is located outside USA, you can expect less quality. And when my cushion arrived I could see highlight in the box: "Made in Mexico". Now, I wasted my money purchasing a poor quality Jay Active Cushion.