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    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Hi Guys

    I do a fair bit of off road driving and am very keen to upgrade to a Jeep Wrangler 4 door.

    I know Scott modified a Jeep by adding a lift at the back and transferred into a swivel seat.

    I'm a C6, there's no way I can get in a Wrangler on my own so I was going to try one of these:

    Has anyone tried these before?

    Any better ideas to get in and out of higher vehicles for a quad?

    Phil C6
    "If you can't explain it to me in less than 10 seconds, it's probably not worth knowing anyway..." - Calvin

    Not a lot of place to put your legs/feet. I tried something very similar in the back seat of a Buick Terrazza but my legs were flopping/dangling. There was a bar for your feet but it was not very usable by a taller paralyzed individual imo. It seemed better suited to someone ambulatory.
    I'm c6-7, 6'2".



      i have a 2 door jeep soft top i put on a bruno stow-away lift on it to get me in ialso put on a old man emeu lift kit on it then put a harmon tailgater lift on and a big basket on the back i can now take my action trac chair with me and go hunt or fish any place i want the lift brings any wheel chair with me and have it delivered right to the drivers door


        I have a new '01 Wramler Sprt sitting in my garage with 4" lift, 33" tires, V6, and ONLY 9k miles on it. Difficulty, currently is, I first need get my license. Was in hospital 5+ years with a zillion complications. Still plan on walking. This Jeep was a toy. Have every plan to once again drive it. I have actually gotten into the driver seat 1X. Am in process of attempting PA DOT to give me my license back.


          Let me know how this works for u, I called a few mths back and they told me there wasn't enough room for that set up. I have a 4 dr 2011..but someone has to put me in the drivers seat. Suxs...
          Louie Gonzalez
          C6 C7


            There is a Jeep for sale in the wanted/for sale thread. He says it has a winch to get him up in the seat. Might check with him.


              @AO, I don't think the door opening is big enough, especially when you consider necessary clearance for the steering wheel.

              Maybe look into a FJ Cruiser...