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I luv my new "Frog Leg" Casters!

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    I luv my new "Frog Leg" Casters!

    Installed them last nite and the ride is so smooth! Plus I have a little color to my chair...Dark Blue!


    I love my Frog Legs also. Bumps are so smooth now. I have a small lip up in to my garage and the frog legs make such a big difference compared to my old casters on my other chair.
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      I've had them for about 5 years or so. They definitely smooth out your ride but I wish they weren't so heavy.


        My comparison of Frog Leg and Colours own suspension systems:

        Short Summary:
        I've tried Frog Legs and Colours own front suspension systems. They're both a big improvement over no front suspension. I've been very lucky to get them included on two chairs that I bought 2nd hand.

        But I do much prefer the Colours system. Seems lighter and much more option for adjustment, no cost to adjust it either.

        I've also tried out a chair that had rear only suspension. That didn't make half as much difference as front only suspension.



        Why I like front suspension systems:
        You can ride much faster without fear of being thrown out of your chair because the castors can't get over a small bump.
        The jarring effect on the chair and your body is significantly reduced. Less pain, fatigue + (reported by others >) spasms.
        Also you can get over small lips in doorways or bumps without having to pop a small wheelie.
        It makes carrying mugs of tea over doorways with raised bits much easier. Lot less spillages


        Why I prefer Colours system:

        It's easily adjustable from no suspension at all to a lot.
        Whereas Frog Legs appear to need you to replace a block of rubbery material that they call the elastomer.
        That takes tools, specialist tools possibly, time and extra cost of buying different elastomers to give different amount of rebound (depending on weight of rider, and how springy you want it).

        Also, the Colours suspension seems lighter, although, I want to make it clear, it's not easy to make a fair comparison, because they are each attached to two fairly different wheelchairs.
        The Colours system came installed on a 2nd hand Colours Eclipse.
        The Frog Legs came on a 2nd hand RGK Hi-Lite.

        (would be great if more companies published the weights of their add on parts, so we could make more accurate comparisons)

        Lastly, the Colours suspension system also comes with a feature to adjust the angle of the castor fork housing both in relation of fork to floor angle, and also fork to chair angle (at what angle they stick out from the chair frame).


        Regarding after sales customer support:
        Frog Legs co. also have still not replied to an email I sent them over a month ago asking if there was any way I could find out what weight category elastomer has been fitted to my 2nd hand chair.

        Colours Tech Help were slow in replying, took over a week. But they did. (I needed to order spare parts for castors).

        N.B. As of writing....late 2012....Colours system will likely only fit Colours chairs. It screws onto the horizontal bar running from front to back of the wheelchair. So your chair would need to have one of those. Also you'd need to be happy with drilling holes in it and find out if it would work out technically. Whereas, Frog Legs can be added on to almost any wheelchair.

        Re-Front or Rear Suspension?

        P.S Incidentally, I have also been able to try out a chair with rear suspension only. Remploy ''Veloce''. The chair was, like the others, bought 2nd hand. The rear suspension was too stiff even after adjusting it all the way. (It appears to use adjustable suspension like Colours does, instead of different units/parts for different riders).
        But, in any case, what Frog Legs say on their website, about most of the jarring force coming from front castors, appears to be true.
        The rear suspension only option seems to make much less of a difference than front only suspension.

        So if I had to choose between front or rear only in the future, I'd go for front every time. And Colours over Frog Legs.

        Last edited by Bear_on_wheels; 3 Nov 2012, 5:17 PM. Reason: added note about experience with rear only suspension