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    Hey everyone I hope everyone is having a good day....

    I am still working on deciding what i want on my new tilite....I am unsure about frog legs at this point however i affraid that later on i will want them. If i get the Tilite ZRA with the standard wheelchairs can it be switched over to frog legs later??

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    I am assuming you are talking about the Frog Leg forks. You can switch it over as long as the stem bolt is the same length...which, if you talk to Frog Legs, can be accomodated. They have done that sort of thing for a while now.

    If you are talking about just the casters, you can switch to them if a.) you do not get the Ti Lite single fork (because of the difference in bearing diameter), and b.) you have the right size spacers (this one is a little can use washers in a pinch).
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