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Rear wheels and caster fork questions for ZRA

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    Rear wheels and caster fork questions for ZRA

    Ok so I'm looking to change my wheels from the standard tilite 24" wheels to the Round Betty Dino's. Do you guys like the round bettys vs the spinergy lx? I hear the LX has more flex but I'm not exactly sure what that means. As of now I'm leaning towards the Dino's but just wanna see y'all's opinion on the matter. Also looking into some new caster forks and was wondering the difference between Frog legs suspension forks vs the uni-tines. Thanks!

    Dino's vs LX debate will never end. I prefer the LX's over the Dino's anyday of the week. This"flex" issue mus be from people twice my weight because I don't get any fex at all.

    I am running a 4 degree camber with less than 3/4" wheel spacing. Jump curbs all the time, hard turns, etc. without any issues.

    Uni-Tines vs Frog Legs is a suspension vs single stem fork (non-suspension).

    You can run soft roll casters and eliminate many of the little bumps like gaps in sidewalk, etc.

    Frog Legs are funny. I had them on one of my chairs but you can endo pretty easy with them if you don't run granny casters (those 5" or 6" casters). If you run 3" you can catch on little bumps and then your chair flexes forward. They have their place, but you really need to look at where you go/what you do.