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Equipment for winter weather? Snowy slopes :(

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    Originally posted by Bear_on_wheels View Post
    To Destination Unknown - Ah, you know how to post pics. I've yet to find the spare energy to learn that. (Neuro disease does learning new things slower and harder than it used to be).

    Thank you for posting the pic. Yes that's sort of what I was thinking of. Our recycling box lids are much bigger though and with a bigger lip (deeper lid).
    I think both would have their problems, but you can learn from mistakes too. So long as I don't go crashing into the brick wall at the bottom of the slope where I live it's ok!

    I'm not sure what you mean by cutting a hole in the lid to let snow escape though? I thought you would put each caster wheel in the box (when using the boxes in your pic)? And discard the lid....?
    You're welcome. [IMG]/forum/images/icons/icon7.gif[/IMG] Actually posting pics on this site can be quite easy. I use Firefox as my browser and the quickest/easiest way for me to post a pic. is to grab an image from a Google search and simply drag and drop the image into a post. Not sure if you can do that with other browsers, but if you can't, just find an image you want to use, copy and paste it's URL, click on the insert image icon, then paste the images URL in the provided area and click OK.

    As for the lids, after placing each caster into a container, trim the lid so you could place it back on/around the top of the caster fork. This would prevent snow/slush/water from filling the container and making a mess. Also, it would keep moisture from seeping into your bearings.