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Has anyone tried these "pedal master" portable hand controls?

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    Has anyone tried these "pedal master" portable hand controls?

    They are pretty cheap, far as money goes. Just wondering if they are cheap as far as quality goes. Here is a link to them.
    Is this how most portable hand controls work? Two separate pieces? If anyone has used these, could you please let me know how well they worked for you, THANKS. I need buy a pair of portables that are easy to install, cheap and work well. Could I get some recommendations?
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

    I've never used the Peddle Master controls you're showing, but I imagine they would be a bear to use. Operating two controls by just the force of pushing on them (very little leverage) seems like a lot of work and tricky to juggle with one hand on the wheel.

    I have used the PHC-3 controls from Wheel Ability. I traveled 2100 miles around Florida in a big RV with them, when I lived in Tennessee. Portable controls are more work than the fixed ones and they require a lot more focus to use safely in traffic but they do work.
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      I borrowed a friends, very poor construction. Plastic parts break.

      The jaws on the bottom eventually broke off and had to be zip tied to the pedals. Defeating the whole object.

      The fact that they are not connected together made them feel really sketchy to me.


        I have had a set of peddle master portable hand controls since 1994. I use them as a back-up, for switching to another car that has none, and for my riding lawn mower! I have had one small part break in 17 years and it was replaced free of charge.

        I like these as a back-up. I used fixed hand controls as primary. Hope this helps!



          I got a similar pair from here: They also carry some from Colours which look very much the same as what I got. Mine appear to be stainless steel rods and aluminum clamps.

          Since I have some motion, that is some ability to use my ankles, I separated the two and installed only the brake half. And instead of letting it flop all over the place, I installed an eyebolt under the dash for it to go through making it a permanent installation.

          Using that setup, I passed my drivers test. They were not concerned where the control came from, or who installed it, only that I could successfully use it.
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