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    help with HAND CONTROLS

    Hi Folks,

    So I have been buying my independance slowly.
    I have a 2004 Dodge caravan that is modified, although the ramp is manual -- my friend is working on automating it.

    So now I feel it is the time to get hand-controls and start driving.

    I contacted my friend who originally put two holes in the dash because we were gonna install "sure grip push pull" but I got sick, financial issues, and so I never ended up buying them and 6 months later I call him up and he says These hand-controls have been outlawed in Canada. And now the only kind you can get are the ones you have to clamp and that'd require me bringing it into the shop (which is way too far)

    originally we planned to meet halfway and he'd install the controls...

    so he said my options are now "removable hand controls" like "drive master push pull" and other ones that Motion Specialties carry.

    are these good controls? does anyone know?

    should I order online and get someone to install it?

    this is gonna be my first time driving, I'm a paraplegic with good hand control/grip.

    Which controls shold I get?

    PS. the "removable hand controls" he wanted to get me are at cost, which is a very cheap 350$ option.... but are they safe???

    I would skip buying the portable controls and buy a used permanent set on eBay.


      I looked at the SureGrip Webpage and they still have Canadian dealers listed Might be a idea to call a few and see what the scoop is. Not saying your friend is lying but sometimes people have motives for saying things.


        I also say to go with fixed hand controls that are made for your vehicle. I have used portable controls and while they may be good for temporary use, they are not suitable, in my opinion, for a daily-driven vehicle.

        Portable controls require concentration and a little more skill to use safely. It's just too easy to make a mistake while fumbling with controls in your lap. And the ones strapped to the steering column just aren't the same as having them fitted and bolted securely. They may cost more, but fixed, permanently installed controls may just save your life one day.


          Portable controls are ok, but not a permanent solution. I've been driving for 3 years now and I have put on 80k miles in that time. I love my time behind the wheel of my Odyssey.
          I bought a set of portable controls so I could drive the family's other cars and they get the job done. Since they are not mounted, but rather suspended, they tend to move around a lot.

          I use the push down for gas, push forward for brake kind. Dont have any grip so couldn't use the twist type (think motorcycle grip for throttle.) I'm glad my I got the ones I did because now I am comfortable enough to hold the steering with my thumb and push down with my forearm for accelerating. freed up my other hand for snacking!

          look for used hand controls on sites like ebay. You will be pleasantly surprised at the variety and prices. Mounting and calibration will be quickest done by a professional. Worth shelling out for the labor and trip expenses. Factor that once installed you may end up driving for a very long time (barring accidents and mechanical failure.) But then, I have not installed my controls and have no idea how easy they are to install!

          Duno what your financial situation is but look into ring type accelerator controls if you are concerned about aesthetics. Very clean and unobstructed look. ps, you will need a lever for braking.


            Plan ahead if you get used permanent controls. I tried going that route and found that there are adapters that are required for different installations. While talking to the dealers I found out they would not sell me the adapters nor would the manufactures. The manufactures only sell to dealers where I live in the US. On top of that the dealers refuse to install used controls.

            So the lesson is to only buy used controls if they came out of a make, model and year that matches the one you already have. If you've got a vehicle that often is converted for handicap use, it's very likely you can find what you need used.
            I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.