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Quick-release mod for freewheel perch

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    Quick-release mod for freewheel perch

    Hey there!

    I've got a freehwheel. My least favorite part of is is the perch: I love being able to stick my freewheel on the back of the chair, but I hate that the perch sticks out - it gets in the way of putting my chair in my car.

    I keep my Freewheel in my trunk, not on the chair. So I had been using the allen wrench to loosen the FW perch and swing it down so it wasn't in the way, and then swinging it back up, securing it with the allen wrench and putting the Freehwheel on.

    Not good enough, says I.

    So, I bought a quick-release lever for a bike, drilled out the perch holes on one side and replaced one bolt with the quick-release.

    Now, I can loosen and tighten the perch in any position on the chair without any tools.

    Took me about $5 and 5 minutes. The quick-release is cheaply made and so eventually it will wear out. I intend to get one which is more robust than the one I used: I didn't want to buy a nice one until I knew this would work.

    The quick release does not affect where the Freewheel sits on the perch at all - surprisingly, it doesn't get in the way.







    Cool. Nice job!


      Chrissy, you are the bomb! That is way cool.


        Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
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          Looks great; good job!
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            This is a great idea, I have been trying to think of a way to stop the bracket scraping the seats in my car. Can I ask, what size/length bracket did you use? Is it a standard bike part or did you have to modify it at all?




              Above is a link to the exact thing that I ordered.

              I would actually recommend getting one which is slightly different. This one is very cheaply made (but also cheap so....) and will probably wear out. I made no modifications to it - just drilled the perch and stuck it on.

              I would say ideally you'd find one in which the post is 2.5" long from the center of the quick release lever to the end, that is 5mm in diameter so you don't have to modify the perch at all. I don't know if they make such an animal, however.


                Thats great! Thanks for sharing this.


                  I love this!